Online E-Business Suite Projects Training

Online E-Business Suite Projects Training:

Online Training will be conducted through Web Conference where we explain all the topics theoretically and shown practically by sharing our screen, which includes explanation of real-time scenarios and interview questions for each topic.  Once the session is done, we will share recorded session to audience, so that they go through the topic again when they find free time.

Duration:  4 Weeks – Daily 1 Hour/Weekend 2 Hours | Mail: | Call +91-9573543334

Project Foundation (PJF)

  • Integration of PA module with other applications in eBusiness suite.
  • Features of Oracle Project Costing(PJC).
  • Features of Oracle Project Billing(PJB).
  • Features of Oracle Project Management(PJT)
  • Identify features of an Organization in Oracle Projects.
  • Steps to define an Organization and Organization Hierarchy.
  • Identify features of project setup implementation options.
  • Currency implementation options.
  • Identify features of system implementation options.
  • Steps to set Project Accounting (PA) and General Ledger (GL) periods.
  • Uses of different types of periods.
  • Steps to define a project role.
  • Steps to define a project classification.
  • Identify the steps to define a project status.
  • Identify features of different profile options.
  • Resource and Role Definition.
  • Define different Project Types and Identify the features.
  • Defining Project Templates with Work Break Down Structure (WBS).
  • Uses of different Quick Entry options on a project template.
  • Features of a project template. Sequence the steps for the business flow process of item lifecycle project execution.

Oracle Project Costing (PJC)

Setups for Costing

  • Expenditure Types, Categories and Revenue Categories.
  • Labor Cost Multipliers.
  • Burden Cost Bases, Codes, Structure and Schedules.
  • Defining Burden Structures and Schedules.
  • Defining Budget Entry for Costing.
  • Defining Budgets Types and Entry methods
  • Defining Resource list for Budgets.
  • Defining Costing –Related Project Information.
  • Defining Transaction Controls.
  • Defining Rate Schedules.
  • Identify the features of Oracle Project Approval Workflow.
  • Identify the features of Oracle Budget Approval Workflow.

Auto Accounting For Costs

  • Defining Lookup sets.
  • Defining Auto Accounting Rules.
  • Assigning Auto Accounting Rules.

Performing Cost Process

  • Enter expenditures inside Oracle Projects and Process various cost distribution programs.
  • Requisition/PO-PA Integration: Booking Purchase Orders and Receipts and Interface Receipts to Oracle Projects.
  • I-Proc-PA Integration: Booking PO in I-Proc and interface to Oracle Projects.
  • AP-PA Integration: Define AP Invoice and interface it to Oracle Projects.
  • INV-PA Integration: Issue items to projects and interface cost to Oracle Projects.
  • I-Exps-PA Integration: Define employee expenses and interface to Oracle Projects.
  • Discuss various Adjustments to Expenses.
  • Performing Cost Distribution.
  • Processing Cost Adjustments.
  • Interfacing Costs.
  • Cost Allocation.
  • Processing Cross charge.
  • Overview of Borrowed and Lent Cross Charges.

Asset Capitalization

  • Identify the futures of capital Projects and integration to Fixed Assets.
  • Identify the futures of common cost and specific cost.
  • Define Assets and assign to Projects/Tasks.
  • Generate Asset Lines and Interface to Fixed Assets.
  • Capitalize assets from Fixed Assets.

 Discuss the use of Project Status Inquiry (PSI)

Oracle Project Billing (PJB)

  • Describe the overall Project Billing.
  • Discuss the key areas that are part of the Project Billing Process.

Defining a Contract Projects

  • Explain the activities involved with creating a Contract Project.
  • Define a contract Project.

Agreements and Funding

  • Define Agreement Types.
  • Discuss the use of agreements and the relationship between agreements and Projects.
  • Define an agreement and fund a Project.
  • Explain how to create a revenue budget.
  • Baseline funding for a project.

Accounting for Revenue and Invoices

  • Describe the overall flow of accounting for revenue and Invoices.
  • Explain the components of Auto Accounting.
  • Identify the Auto Accounting Functions used during revenue and invoicing.
  • Explain the accounting flow of Unbilled Receivables and Un-Earned Revenue.

Generating Revenue

  • Explain Fundamental Revenue Concepts.
  • Generate Revenue, Approve and interface it to Oracle General Ledger.
  • Explain the revenue generation Process for different distribution rules.

Generating Invoices

  • Explain Fundamental Invoice concepts.
  • Explain the use of customer billing retention on a contract Project.
  • Generate an Invoice, approve and interface it to receivables.
  • Explain the Invoice generation Process for different distribution rules.
  • Identify the setup in Oracle Receivable necessary for with Oracle Project Billing.
  • Generating Adjustment and Credit invoices for existing invoices.

Inter-Project/Company Project Billing

  • Defining Transfer Price Schedules.
  • Defining Cross Charges.
  • Defining Provider and Receiver Controllers.
  • Defining Inter-company Projects
  • Defining Inter-company Agreements.
  • Identify the features and Process Inter-company/Project billing.

Discuss Various PA related Reports

Oracle Project Management (PJT)

  • Identify the features of Project Management (PJT).
  • Define & explain the features of Budgets and Forecast.
  • Define & explain the features of RBS
  • Define & explain the features of Planning Resource List.
  • Define & explain the features of WBS & FBS.
  • Creating Project Templates.
  • Creating and explaining the Projects in PJT.
  • Identify the features of Program and Project.
  • Define & explain the features of Control Item Types.
  • Explain the features of Project Status Reporting.
  • Explain the features of issue and Change Management.
  • Identify the features of Expenditure Review, Billing Review and PSI.
  • Explain the features of Workplan and Progress Management.
  • Overview of Microsoft Projects Integration.
  • Overview of Primavera Integration.
  • Scheduling Resource
  • Resource Utilization.

Project Resource Management

  • Define and assign Scheduling Calendars
  • Generate Calendar Schedule
  • Utilization Categories
  • Forecasting options
  • Project Job Levels and Job Mappings
  • Resource Utilization.
  • Organization Authority
  • Status
  • Process of Requirements
  • Process of Assignments
  • Utilization

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