Online Oracle Fusion Order Management Training

Online Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management Training:

Online Training will be conducted through Web Conference where we share our screen to audience and will show all the topics starting from installation till cloning practically, which includes explanation of real-time scenarios and interview questions for each topic.  Once the session is done, we will share recorded session to audience, so that they go through the topic again when they find free time.

Duration:  4 Weeks – Daily 1 Hour/Weekend 2 Hours | One-to-One | Mail: | Call +91-9573543334



  • Navigate the application and the new setup manager
  • Configure components for creating and maintaining Oracle Fusion Order Management
  • Perform required configurations that support all Fusion Order Management Applications


  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Order Orchestration Work Area
  • Fusion Security
  • DOO Security
  • Functional Setup Manager

Common Applications Configuration

Common Order Orchestration Configuration
Order Fulfillment Configuration

  • Decomposition Rules
  • Setup Product Transformation
  • Setup Defaulting Rules
  • Manage Process Assignment Rules

Orchestration Values

  • Setup Holds
  • Manage Orchestration Source System
  • Manage Orchestration Collections
  • Manage Orchestration attachment categories
  • Manage Orchestration Lookups
  • Manage Orchestration Profile Options
  • Manage Orchestration Flex Fields – descriptive & extensible

Orchestration Process

  • Manage Task Types
  • Manage Orchestration Process Definitions
  • Setup Change Logic
  • Setup Process Planning
  • Manage jeopardy thresholds & priorities
  • Manage Status Values & Status Conditions
  • Setup Activity Tasks

Integration – DOO

  • Manage External Interface Web Service Details
  • Manage External Interface Routing Rules

Processing Constraints & Jeopardy

Order Promising

  • GOP Overview
  • Order Promising Rules
  • Promise Orders

Hands on Lab

You will learn how to configure everything in Oracle Fusion Order Management.  All the topics of the course contents will be practically shown on Fusion Order Management instance for hands on training.

Audience: Implementation Consultant

Nagulu Polagani

"We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master."