Oracle Database Inventory Details

What is Oracle Database Inventory and where it is located?

Oracle Inventory is the location or the place where all the information about an Oracle Home is stored and maintained. When ever we install an RDBMS Oracle Home, a new inventory gets created. Applying any new patch to Oracle Home will update the invnrtory for that Oracle Home and record the details for the patch applied. This inventory is in the form of XML files.

The location of inventory is defined in a file called oraInst.loc. The path for this file is provided while installing Oracle Home. If we dont supply any path, the is file will be present at central location /etc/oraInst.loc. Also we can have a central inventory if its not used by any other oracle installation. If the central inventory is used by previous Oracle installation we can create local inventory. The content of oraInst.loc file is as shown below.

$ cat oraInst.loc

Here “inventory_loc” gives the location of Inventory directory where as inst_group gives the name of the group which is the owner of this inventory.

How to create Local Inventory?

You can create local inventory at any location while installing Oracle Home. You need to use -invPtrLoc variable along with runInstaller command and give the location of oraInst.loc. Otherwise the default path assumed for oraInst.loc is /etc/oraInst.loc.

./runInstaller -invPtrLoc /slot/ems2029/appmgr/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/oraInst.loc

After the installation starts it will ask for location of oraInventory directory and group which should own it. It will make entry of these into oraInst.loc file.

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