Unable to get Apps Responsibilities on portal Page

Unable to get Apps Responsibilities on portal Page

Error in application.log

06/04/14 11:22:13 portal: id=107356852400,1 ContentFetcher Unexpected Exception Request Failed:oracle.webdb.dispatcher.DispatcherException: I/O Error dispatching request name=content-fetcher61 label=webPortlet url=http://serverA:8888/jpdk/providers/sample time=65006ms time…out=65000ms process=Dispatching


1. Check you have hosts entries in the portal server for the erp servers

2. Check with network admin and make sure you are able to telnet the erp server

3. Bounce http of the portal services

Check the issue

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  1. Materials available here are really from real life scenario unlike many stuffs on webs are garbage.
    Would like see stuffs on Upgrade from 11i to R12

    Appreciated your efforts for putting these invaluable materials.

    Thanks again ..