Oracle Apps Yellow Bar Issue

Oracle Apps Yellow Bar Issue

It can occur while copying the content from Apps to Any other application like Apps forms to notepad or excel.


1.  Delete cache : Delete all the files from Temporary Internet Files and temp table.

2.  Uninstall the the Jinitiator from the system (Control Panel)

3.  Open the Oracle application

Login to apps.  Choose any responsibility.  Appsbase.htm window will be opened(which initiates Applet in it).

It instals the latest version available on server and now you can see “Yellow Bar” is disabled and you can perform Copy and Paste

If you have problem while installing jinitiator.exe with the following errors.


UnZipSFX 5.40 of 28 November 1998, by Info-ZIP (

extracting: adjbuild/appltop.cerextracting: adjbuild/jinit11816.

exeextracting: adjbuild/oajsetup.

exeextracting: autosetup.txt

extracting: oajsetup.bat

extracting: setup.bat

oajsetup: Jinitiator version number not valid, should be 1.1.x.x

Oracle Jinitiator Setup Utility

Copyright (c) Oracle Corp., 2000


oajsetup [] []

The system cannot find the file specified.

The batch file cannot be found.


It may happen because some times the version at server may be corrupted or so.

Then downlod the jinitiator.exe and version should be same as the one you have on server.

How to check the version of jinitiator on your sever?

When you login to apps and choose responsibility, you can see a appsbase.htm which starts applet,

there you right click and view source there you can see the version of jinitiator.

Download the jinitiator from the above below path

Clear Cache, delete all the temporaty files from PC

Install jinitiator in your PC and check the Oracle apps again.

It should work now.

If you still have problem, there is another tip, copy the ” identitydb.obj ” from any of your network users who are using the same Oracle application and paste in your “Oracle” folder where jinitiator is installed the typical path is like c:\program files\oracle\identitydb.obj

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