Oracle Apps R12 New Features

Oracle Apps R12 New Features

Advantage & Disadvantages of Forms Servlet Mode

Simple SSL Configuration (as no separate SSL configuration is required for Forms as

connections are via web/http server)

No port need to open to access forms in firewall.

More secure method of deployment over Internet

Result in more network traffic because of HTTP is more chatty than socket (dedicated)

so not preferred in WAN implementation.

Unified APPL_TOP in Oracle Applications R12

Unified APPL_TOP in Oracle Applications R12 which is different from Separate

APPL_TOP in Oracle Applications 11i.

Unified APPL_TOP make more sense if you are using multi node Oracle Applications R12.

In Oracle Applications 11i , in multi node installation each APPL_TOP have its different
name and files in each APPL_TOP will depend on type of Node (i.e. Forms Node will
have fmx or forms related files where as APPL_TOP belonging to CM only node will
have .rdf or files required to run CM node)

Starting from R12, it will use Unified APPL_TOP which means all files required for all middle tier services are included in all nodes of Multi Node installation (irrespective of services running on that node)

Advantages of Unified APPL_TOP

Cloningof multi node Oracle Application install, only one copy (any one APPL_TOP)

of Application Node files need to copied to target instance.

Cloning of Multi Node to Single Node you don’t have to merge APPL_TOP in R12 as

required in 11i .

Services start/stopIf you are using to start services on a node then it will

start services which were configured to start during install on that node (You can still
start a specific service even though it was not suppose to configure/start by calling startup
script of that specific services).
To explain this better, let’s assume you installed multi node R12 instance with Node 1 as
Forms & Web Server where as Node 2 was installed with Concurrent Manager. Now on
Node1 when you use script to start services as expected it will start Forms and
Web services but unlike 11i, You can still start Concurrent Manager on Node1 by

FND_NODESFrom R12 all nodes will have Y against all services (For multi Node) in

FND_NODES table.

Additional New Feature in R12

Rapid install

Store Base Configuration in Database

No need to copy config.txt

Multiple Domain Support for Database and Middle Tier

Rapid Install supports deploying the database node and the middle tier node into

different domains.

Shared File System Support

Rapid install allows you to select if app servers are using shared APPL_TOP

No hardcode apps password on Unix file system

FNDCPASS Utility New Feature: Enhance Security With Non-Reversible Hash

Password (enhance FND_USER password security)

Improved Forgot password feature

–Retrieve user_name and password

–no workflow inbound process needed

New environment variables e.g. FORMS_TRACE_DIR
FORMS_ environment variables replace FORMS60_
Delivers native runtime executables for Forms (frmweb) (11i: frmwebx)
Forms Trace in addition to Forms Runtime Diagnostics (FRD) record both built-in Formsdata and performance data in a single output (profile: Forms Runtime Parameters)
Reports Only available through Concurrent Manager
Reports Server is not used
Reports executable rwrun is used directly

APPS Password change made easy, no need to change the password in any files as in 11i.

How to change Oracle Applications Products/Schema Password including APPS ?

As most of you might already be aware that you use FNDCPASS utility on Concurrent

Manager Node to change the password.

FNDCPASS logon 0 Y system/password mode username new_password


ALLORACLE (Introduced with patch 4745998)

Changing APPS Password using FNDCPASS

example FNDCPASS apps/apps 0 Y system/manager SYSTEM APPLSYS  WELCOME

In 11i we need to change the passwords in the below files as it was used and hard coded,
in R12i there is no files where the password is stored, so we need not worry about
changing the passwords in any file, this is due to the security reason,

Only recommended is to run the autoconfig on the Middle Tier after changing the APPS Password.

In 11i files to change after changing Apps Password ?

Once you change apps password you need to change apps password stored in file at $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/modplsql/cfg

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