Oracle Fusion Applications Oracle_Home Directory Structure

Oracle Fusion Applications Oracle_Home Directory Structure

The Oracle Fusion Applications Oracle home directory (FA_ORACLE_HOME) is located

under the APPLICATIONS_BASE/fusionapps directory (net/mount1/appbase/fusionapps).

The /fusionapps directory is an Oracle Fusion Applications Middleware home (FA_MW_HOME).


 The Oracle home contains the following sub-directories:

1. /fusionapps/applications/lcm: The life cycle management directory. Contains the
patching framework artifacts in the following subdirectories:
– ../ad/bin: Patching framework software and executables, including C artifacts
and configuration scripts, that set the environment and start the
corresponding utility.
– ../ad/java: Java artifacts.
– ../ad/db/sql: Database artifacts and SQL files.
– ../ad/lib: Application libraries.
– ../ad/template: Configuration files or templates delivered and used by the
patching framework during configuration activities.

2. /fusionapps/applications/bin: Executables called by Enterprise Scheduler Service

3. /fusionapps/applications/product_family: Container directory for artifacts specific
to a product configuration, for example, /ORACLE/fusionapps/fin.

4. /fusionapps/applications/admin: Patching framework environment properties file
(, Oracle Fusion Applications AutoPatch, and the
patching logs, reports, and administration files. These files are required by Oracle
Fusion Applications Patch Manager.

5. /fusionapps/applications/lib: Applications-specific libraries.

6. /fusionapps/applications/OPatch: Contains the OPatch utility called by Oracle
Fusion Applications Patch Manager when patching middleware artifacts.

Oracle Fusion Applications Product Family Directory

The Oracle Fusion Applications …/product_family directory is located under
the FA_ORACLE_HOME directory. This structure exists for each of the product
configurations (product families) deployed in the Oracle Fusion Applications

The following subdirectories are located under the …/product_family directory:

1. /fusionapps/applications/product_family/product: Product grouping within a
product family. For example, /fusionapps/applications/fin/ar represents
the Account Receivables product in the Financials product family.
– /db/plsql/: PL/SQL packages and bodies for a given product, for example,
– /db/sql/: SQL scripts for a given product. For example,
– /db/data/lba/US/: Product-specific seed data files, striped by Logical Business
Area (LBA). Note that sub-directories could exist in the top-level seed data
directory because some LBAs can have sub-LBAs. For example,

2. /fusionapps/applications/product_family/deploy: Container directory for
deployable artifacts, composites, Java EE applications (such as Oracle Application
Development Framework and Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Service).

3. /fusionapps/applications/product_family/security/: Product family directory
containing security-related files.


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