Oracle Fusion Applications 11.1.4 Installation

Oracle Fusion Applications Installation:

I was recently installed Oracle Fusion Applications 11.1.4 on Oracle VM Virtual Box 4.1.18.

I will share all the steps that I followed while installing Oracle Fusion Applications 11.1.4 on Oracle VM Virtual Box

I used Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.1 64-bit to install Oracle Fusion Applications

Download Oracle Virtual Box from:

After installing Oracle Virtual Box, download Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.1 from and write the iso image into a DVD.

Creating Oracle Virtual Box for Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.1

1.  Open Oracle Virtual Box and Click on “New”


2.  Select name, operating system, and version.

3. Create new hard disk

4.  Select Vmdk

5.  Select Fixed Size

6. Select at least 500 G of Physical Memory

7.  Then Press Create button to create Virtual Disk

8.  It will create a Virtual Disk

To Start Fusion applications installation Click Here

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  1. Hi,

    I’m too curious not to ask. Were you effectively able to install OFA up to testing one of the Oracle Fusion applications (like hcm or crm) ?
    If so : how many vm’s did you use and how many GB ram did you use ?


    1. Hi Jean,

      Yes, I could able to install Oracle Fusion Applications 11.1.4 with all modules….I have used only one VM with 64G of RAM…

  2. Ok, that’s interesting !
    What kind of hardware did you use ? Especially Motherboard – CPU – RAM combination.

    The 64 GB, is that for the host (running windows 7 as far as I can tell from your screenshots) ?
    (leaving like 63 GB for the virtualbox image ?)

    Or does you host have more than 64 GB ?

    Thank you !