Fusion Applications 11.1.5 RCU installation

Fusion Applications 11.1.5 RCU installation:

Once database installed, we need to create schemas and tablespaces using RCU.

Before rcu, we need to follow some steps:

1.  Create directories for logs:


2.  cd /home/oracle/fa/installers/apps_rcu/linux/

extract the zip: rcuHome_fusionapps_linux.zip

3.  select a datapumpdir

4.  cd /home/oracle/fa/installers/apps_rcu/linux/rcu/integration/fusionapps/

cp export_fusionapps_dbinstall.zip /u02/db/admin/FADB/dpdump
cd /u02/db/admin/FADB/dpdump
unzip export_fusionapps_dbinstall.zip

5.  cd /home/oracle/fa/installers/apps_rcu/linux/rcu/integration/biapps/schema
cp otbi.dmp /u02/db/admin/FADB/dpdump

6.  cd /home/oracle/fa/installers/apps_rcu/linux/bin

Fusion Apps RCU1

Click “Next”

Fusion Apps RCU2

Select Create & Next

Fusion Apps RCU3

Fill the Details as shown in the screen shot & click Next

Fusion Apps RCU4

Click “ok” & Select Next

Fusion Apps RCU5

Mark the boxes as shown in the screen shot above & click Next

Fusion Apps RCU6

Select “ok”

Fusion Apps RCU7

Enter the password you want i.e same password for all schemas & click Next

Fusion Apps RCU8

You may get the above error & you can safely Ignore the above error & click Next

Fusion Apps RCU9

Click Next

Fusion Apps RCU10

Click “OK” & Click Next

Fusion Apps RCU11

Click “OK” & Click Next

Fusion Apps RCU12

Click “Create”

Fusion Apps RCU13

Click “Close”

Fusion Applications RCU Completed and next

Fusion Applications IDM  11.1.5 RCU Installation

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