Fusion Applications Install Transactional Database Installation

Fusion Applications Install Transactional Database Installation:

1.  First export the JAVA_HOME and  JRE_HOME in oracle user’s .bash_profile as follows:

export JAVA_HOME=/home/oracle/fa/jdk6

export JRE_HOME=/home/oracle/fa/jdk6/jre

2.  Start installing Transactional Database

cd /u01/provisioning/provisioning/bin

[oracle@fa Disk1]$ ./provisioningWizard.sh


Fusion Apps Transactional Database Install


Click next to get Installation Options

Fusion Apps Transactional Database Install2

 Select to “Install an Applications Transactional Database” and then click Next


Fusion Apps Transactional Database Install3


Uncheck Security Updates

Fusion Apps Transactional Database Install4





Select the DB Port no as 1521 and Installers Directory location as where you unzipped the software.

Oracle Base to be new location apart of provisioning home, so I created new mount as /u02

Global Database name as FADB and password I selected as “oracle123”.  To remember the passwords, we need to provide same password every time.

Fusion Apps Transactional Database Install6


Once Prevalidation check has done, click Next


Go through the Summary screen and click Install to start the installation of transactional database.

Fusion Apps Transactional Database Install8

Once database installation completes, click Next

Fusion Apps Transactional Database Install9

Click Close to finish

Once the database is installed, we need to install Fusion applications schemas and tablespaces in the database using Apps_RCU (Repository creation utility)

Install Fusion Apps RCU

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