Fusion Applications Identity and Access Management Components Installation

Fusion Applications Identity and Access Management Components Installation

JDK installation

Installation of JDK is very simple. Just unzip the jdk6.zip file located at <repository_location>/installers/jdk to any location where we want to extract the JDK files.

We will extract the files at /u04 and it will create /u04/jdk6 directory. So we can set JAVA_HOME to /u04/jdk6

[oracle@fa u04]$cd /u04
[oracle@fa u04]$unzip /home/oracle/fa/installers/jdk/jdk6.zip

Install Web tier (HTTP server 2.0)

Start runInstaller script from /home/oracle/fa/installers/webtier/Disk1

[oracle@fa u04]$cd /home/oracle/fa/installers/webtier/Disk1
[oracle@fa u04]$./runInstaller

WebTier1 WebTier2 WebTier3 WebTier4 WebTier5 WebTier6 WebTier7 WebTier8 WebTier9 WebTier10


Review and click Finish

Install Weblogic Server

Start Weblogic Server installation from /home/oracle/fa/installers/weblogic direcotry

Export  $PATH before you are starting Installation using below command

export PATH=/u04/jdk6/bin:$PATH

[oracle@fa Disk1]$cd /home/oracle/fa/installers/weblogic

[oracle@fa weblogic]$java -d64 -jar wls_generic.jar

WebLogic1 WebLogic2 WebLogic3 WebLogic4 WebLogic5 WebLogic6 WebLogic7 WebLogic8 WebLogic9 WebLogic10 WebLogic11

Deselect Quickstart and click Done

Install Oracle Identity Management

We need to first unzip the installation files from /home/oracle/fa/installers/idm directory.

[oracle@fa ~]$ cd /u01/provisioning/
[oracle@fa provisioning]$ unzip /home/oracle/fa/installers/idm/idm.zip
[oracle@fa provisioning]$ cd /u01/provisioning/idm/Disk1
[oracle@fa provisioning]$ ./runInstaller


One dialog box will appear that to run oracleRoot.sh . Open another window and execute following as root.

[root@fa fmw]# /u03/fmw/idm/oracleRoot.sh

and Click Next


 Review the summary and click Finish

Install SOA suite

Start the installation by executing runInstaller from /home/oracle/fa/installers/soa/Disk1

[oracle@fa ~]$ cd /home/oracle/fa/installers/soa/Disk1

[oracle@fa Disk1]$ ./runInstaller

Please specify JRE/JDK location ( Ex. /home/jre ), <location>/bin/java should exist :/u04/jdk6

soa1 soa2 soa3 soa4 soa5 soa6 soa7 soa8

Review the summary and click Finish

Install Identity and Access Management

We need to first unzip the installation files from /home/oracle/fa/installers/oam directory

[oracle@fa ~]$ mkdir /u04/fmw/oam
[oracle@fa ~]$ cd /u04/fmw/oam
[oracle@fa oam]$ unzip /home/oracle/fa/installers/oam/iamsuite*.zip
[oracle@fa oam]$ cd /u04/fmw/oam/iamsuite/Disk1
[oracle@fa Disk1]$ ./runInstaller

Please specify JRE/JDK location ( Ex. /home/jre ), <location>/bin/java should exist :/u04/jdk6

oam1 oam2 oam3 oam4 oam5 oam6 oam7

Review the summary and click Finish to complete the installation.

Provisioning the OIM Login Modules Under the WebLogic Server Library Directory

Due to issues with versions of the configuration wizard, some environmental variables are not added to the DOMAIN_HOME/bin/setDomainenv.sh script. This causes certain install sequences to fail. This is a temporary workaround for that problem.

1. Copy the files located under the IAM_ORACLE_HOME/server/loginmodule/wls directory to the MW_HOME/wlserver_10.3/server/lib/mbeantypes directory.

[oracle@fa ~]$ cp -pr /u03/fmw/iam/server/loginmodule/wls/* /u03/fmw/wlserver_10.3/server/lib/mbeantypes/

2. Change directory to MW_HOME/wlserver_10.3/server/lib/mbeantypes/

[oracle@fa ~]$ cd /u03/fmw/wlserver_10.3/server/lib/mbeantypes/

3. Change the permissions on these files to 750 by using the chmod command.

[oracle@fa mbeantypes]$ chmod 750 *

Creating the wlfullclient.jar File

Oracle Identity Manager uses the wlfullclient.jar library for certain operations. Oracle does not ship this library, so you must create this library manually. We will see mention of this during provisioning.
[oracle@fa ~]$ cd /u03/fmw/wlserver_10.3/server/lib
[oracle@fa lib]$ ls -l wlfullclient.jar
ls: wlfullclient.jar: No such file or directory
[oracle@fa lib]$ java -jar wljarbuilder.jar
Created new jar file: /u03/fmw/wlserver_10.3/server/lib/wlfullclient.jar
[oracle@fa lib]$ls -l wlfullclient.jar
-rw-r–r– 1 oracle dba 55004433 Feb 7 23:22 wlfullclient.jar

This concludes the installation of Oracle Identity Management components. Instead of directly configuring these components, we need to apply the mandatory patches first. These patches are listed in the latest release notes. Please refer to the latest release notes for the list of updated patches when you are installing.

Important mandatory patches to be applied before proceeding further

Apply Mandatory patches before Configure Oracle Identity and Access Management components


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