WebLogic Administration Introduction

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This is a complete Weblogic tutorial. The tutorials will teach you Weblogic application server from basic to an expert level.

Here you will learn Weblogic Administration tasks on both Windows (32-bit) and Linux(32-bit)operating systems.


In September 1995, Paul Ambrose and Carl Resnikoff co-founded WebLogic, Inc. After which BEA Systems took over WebLogic, Inc in 1998 and named it BEA WeblogicOracle aquired BEA in 2008 and named it Oracle Weblogic. Today, Weblogic Application server is one of the most popular application server in the market. Oracle weblogic is a server software application that runs on amiddle tier. That is, between the database and browser-based thin clients.

Supported Versions:

WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.5)
WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.6)
WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.3)
WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.2)
WebLogic Server 11g (10.3.1)
WebLogic Server 10.3
WebLogic Server 10.0
WebLogic Server 9.2
WebLogic Server 9.1
WebLogic Server 9.0
WebLogic Server 8.1
WebLogic Server 7.0
WebLogic Server 6.1
WebLogic Server 6.0
WebLogic Server 5.1
WebLogic Server 4.0
WebLogic Tengah 3.1
WebLogic Tengah 3.0.1
WebLogic Tengah

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