WebLogic Application Deployment

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WebLogic Application Deployment

Deployment can be done through Admin console OR command line using WebLogic Deployer utility.
The following are the modes of deployment.
•No stage

WebLogic does deployment in two phases

1)Prepare : This phase makes sure that the application is in a state in which it can be deployed reliably. During this phase, Admin server copies files to target (managed servers)
2)Activate: The activate phase involves the actual deployment i.e the classes are loaded into memory. This takes place only if prepare phase is successful.

• No Stage

In this mode, WebLogic will deploy the application from the
Path= tag that is specified in the <Application> tag in config.xml.
WebLogic will not make a copy of the app to any staging directory, nor will it make any copy of the app to distribute to managed servers. All servers should have to share a common file system so that all the servers would reference the application from one physical location.

• Stage

Weblogic will make a copy of all of the applications into the staging directory, and will deploy the app from there. WebLogic will do all the file transfer of the application files to the managed servers. As part of deployment process WebLogic would copy the application (WAR/EAR) on to managed servers and deploy from there. This is default deployment mode unless changed.

• External_Stage

WebLogic will deploy from the staging directory, but we (user) are responsible for getting the application (EAR/EAR) to staging directory.Weblogic will do no file transfer to the managed servers.

The difference between nostage and external stage is that nostage is intended for people who have one shared disk, so the Path= attribute is meaningful for every server in the domain.

External stage is for people who don’t use a shared disk, so Path= only has meaning only the admin server. Each managed server will have a stagedPath that makes sense for that server.


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