WebLogic JNDI

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WebLogic JNDI

•JNDI provides naming and directory functionality to applications.
Applications use naming services to locate objects in data sources, EJBs, JMS, MailSessions, and so on in the network.JNDI provides abstraction where the client need not worry of any changes on server side.

For eg: datasource associated to JDBC connection pool.
connection pool properties can be changed or even connect to different DB, but there would not be any code change to client. All the client has to do is lookup the JNDI name and get the connection.
•WebLogic Server provides its own implementation, weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory, that uses the standard JNDI interfaces.
•To check the JNDI binding on the server, open weblogic Admin console, right-click on the server name and view the JNDI tree.
•In weblogic cluster, all the JNDI information is replicated across all the servers in the cluster through multicast.

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