Oracle Apps R12.1.1 Installation on Oracle Virtualbox

Step by Step instructions on installing Oracle Applications R12 (12.1.1) 64-bit on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.7 64-bit using Oracle Virtual Box are described in this article. This is a single node installation.

Download Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager from for Windows host

Install Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager as per standard windows installation.

Once Oracle VM installed, open it and then click “New” to create a new Virtual Machine and install Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.7 64-bit.









click “Next”


Enter the Name and select OS type as below and click Next


select RAM size and click Next


click Next


Select VMDK and click Next


select “split into files of less than 2gb” and click Next


Select the Location and Size of the hard disk and click Next


Click Create


Click Create


Select System as shown below


Select Processor(s)


Select Network Tab and Change NAT to Bridged Adapter and click ok


Select Start


Click Next


Select Linuz software iso file as shown below and click Next


Click Start

Enter and Now we will enter into Linux machine, so if you want to come outside of Linux machine click Right Ctrl on keyboard


Select Skip


Click Next


Select Language and click Next


Select Language and click Next


Select Yes and click Next 20

 click Next 21

Select Yes and click Next 22

click Next 23

Select “No boot loader will be installed” and click Next

Hostname and ip address can be update after installation also so click Next 25

Select Date and Time and click Next26

Give password for your linux machine for root user27

Select all packages and click customize now and click next28

Select Development and Development Libraries and go to Optional & select highlighted package as below and close29

Select Development and Development Tools and go to Optional & select highlighted package as below and close 30

Select Servers and Server Configuration Tools 31

Select Base System and System Tools  and go to Optional & select highlighted package as below and close 32

Click Next33

Wait until the installation completes

Click Reboot35

Click Forward 38

Click Forward39

Select Disable and Click Forward40

Click yes41

Select Disable and Click Forward  42

Click Yes43

Click Forward  44

Select Date and Time and Click Forward  45

Click Forward

Click Continue47

Click Forward48

Click Finish49

Click OK50

Enter the username root and password 51 52

Go to Devices and select Install Guest Additions

Open New Terminal and copy Guest Additions as shown below


Eject the Guest Additions CD 55

Mount the Linux Software as shown below

Go to Server directory in Linux Software and install the selected package as shown below57

Go to Guest Additions software location and install Guest Additions now as follows58

If it did work and if it complained that “building the opengl support module failed”

do export make with below command and retry to install Guest Additions:

export MAKE=’/usr/bin/gmake -i’

Install the following rpm’s

The following i386 packages are not part of the OS distribution media and must be downloaded separately (from for both OEL 5 and RHEL 5) and installed

rpm -ivh –force compat-libcwait-2.1-2.x86_64.rpm
rpm -ivh –force libaio-0.3.105-2.x86_64.rpm
rpm -ivh –force openmotif21-2.1.30-11.EL5.i386.rpm

since we installed oracle-validate package in the starting itself so we no need change any kernel parameters
OS Users and group creation

groupadd dba
useradd oracle -g dba
useradd applmgr -g dba
passwd oracle (give the password for oracle)
passwd applmgr (give the password for applmgr)

mkdir -p /u01/ora
mkdir -p /u01/apps
chmod 775 /u01

Permissions are given oracle and applmgr so that they can write to /u01/oracle
chown -R oracle:dba /u01/ora
chown -R applmgr:dba /u01/apps


Update the Hostname and Ip address now as shown below61

Update the Network Configuration using “neat” from root user and give hostname and Primari DNS and DNS search path with the following 62

Select Network adapter eth063

Click Edit and update the ip address as shown below and click ok64

Click Activate 65

Click Yes66

Click OK67

Restart the Network adapters using “service network restart”68

Eject Linux software cd69

Mount R12.1.1 software file70

 Install the following rpms as shown below71

export PATH =/media/20120804_R12.1.1/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz/unzip/Linux:$PATH72

Open new terminal and as root user give “xhost +”73

run “./rapidwiz” from the shown directory “/media/20120804_0642/R12.1.1/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz”

and Click Next

Click Next75

Click Next 76

Click Next 77

Click Next 78

Fill the Database Node Configuaration as shown below

Fill the Install Oracle Applications-Primary Applications Node as shown below and click next

Click Next 81

It will checks the status of the System

Click Next 83

Click Next 84

Click Yes85

Wait until the Installation Completes, It may take 4 to 5 hours based on your system performance.86

a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 a6 a7 a8


a9 a11

If you want to open oracle apps forms in linux, please follow below link to install j2se plugin in linux

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