File server needs to be reinitialized

While opening log and out files from concurrent processing server, I faced following error:  File server needs to be reinitialized.

FNDFS was unable to verify the value for $TWO_TASK in the APPLFSTT security parameter.

Get $TNS_ADMIN/listener.ora from the $ORACLE_HOME (806) forms server. Open the file. Search on APPLFSTT.

Add APPLFSTT to the environment variables directly in APPSORA.env.

Got the values of APPLFSTT=caprod_FO;caprod2;caprod1_FO;caprod_806_BALANCE;caprod1;caprod_BALANCE;caprod2_FO;caprod from ca01ca09 8.0.6 listener.ora.
Updated the value APPLFSTT=caprod_FO;caprod2;caprod1_FO;caprod_806_BALANCE;caprod1;caprod_BALANCE;caprod2_FO;caprod in ca01ca02 8.0.6 listener.ora


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