Request URI:/em/as/as/wlFarmHome.jspx

After successfully login into Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control(fmwctl) following error is displayed on the browser.


Request URI:/em/as/as/wlFarmHome.jspx

The following exception occurred:
OracleJSP error:oracle.jsp.parse.JspParseException:
/as/as/wlFarmHome.jspx: Line # 4, <af:document id=”d1″ maximized=”true” title=”#{emfunc:browserHomePageTitle()}”>
Error: Function emfunc:browserHomePageTitle has an invalid prefix or uses the default namespace which is not defined. Correct the prefix or in a jsp document, put the function inside a tag that defines the tag library namespace


EM is the web application for fmwctl. When web application is activated and deployed, the new web application is exploded to a tmp directory under $DOMAIN_HOME, eg. $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer/tmp/_WL_user\emas<RandomString>/as/as/…

These directories are used in subsequent server starts so the applications do not have to be deployed again.
In this case, some of the files and directories are missing in the tmp directory, resulting in errors observed.

It is unknown what caused the files/directories to be missing in this case.


1. Shutdown AdminServer

2. Remove or rename $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/Adminserver/tmp directory.

3. Start Adminserver, this will cause all the applications to be deployed again.

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