Fusion Applications 11.1.7 Installation

Fusion Applications 11.1.7 installation is simplified by introducing IDM Provisioning.

Beginning with fusion apps 11.1.7 IDM Provisioning is now orchestrated by IDM Provisioning Wizard.
– It includes the Use of the “Identity Management Provisioning Wizard” to create a provisioning response file.
– It includes the Use of the “runIDMProvisioning” command-line tool to perform Identity Management Provisioning.
This makes the Major Portion of IDM Installation Automated.

– A properties file, idmsetup.properties, is automatically generated during the provisioning of an Oracle Identity Management enviroment.
This file includes some of the configuration values that you must supply to the Provisioning Wizard when you create a response file for Oracle Fusion Applications environment.
– By default, Oracle Identity Management Provisioning Creates a User Named FAAdmin (Super User) which should be granted Administrator & Functional Set-up Privileges during Fusion Applications Environment Provisioning.Oracle WebLogic Server get installed as a Part of IDM Provisioning Process.

Identity Management Provisioning performs the following tasks during various phases (with respect to WebLogic Server) :
Install : Install the WebLogic Server (along with other Middleware binaries)
Preconfigure : Creates the WebLogic Domain
Configure : Starts managed servers as necessary
Configure-secondary : Integrates WebLogic Domain with webtier. Registers webtier with domain.
Postconfigure : Registers OID with WebLogic Domain
You must install Oracle Identity Management and Oracle Fusion Applications on different hosts.
Installing Oracle Identity Management and Oracle Fusion Applications on the same host is not a supported topology.
You should not share the same database instance for Oracle Identity Management and Oracle Fusion Applications. Oracle Fusion Applications should have a separate database instance.

As we cannot install Fusion Applications in one machine, I chose 2 different machines to install fusion applications:

One machine is for IDM and one is for Fusion Applications.

From Fusion Apps 11.1.7, we cannot merge Fusion Applications schemas and IDM schemas in one database, so we require two databases.

Host Details
1. IDM.appsdbatraining.com 20 GB RAM and 300 GB Hard Disk (OEL 5.9 64-bit)
2. FA.appsdbatraining.com 120 GB RAM and 300 GB Hard Disk (OEL 5.9 64-bit)

My Software Location
I did download Fusion Apps 11.1.7 from edelivery and extracted the software in /fa mount

Identity Management Installation Steps on IDM Host

1. Install Database software on IDM Host.

2. After DB installation, change below parameters and restart the database.
aq_tm_processes 1
dml_locks 200
job_queue_processes 10
open_cursors 800
session_max_open_files 50
sessions 500
processes 2500
session_cached_cursors 500

3. Install IDM RCU on Database that we installed earlier.

i. Execute the following commands to create XATRANS Views:
ii. Run RCU:

cd /fa/installers/fmw_rcu/linux/bin/

iii. Chose Oracle Identity Management from Product list and give Prefix as “FA” only (it is mandatory).

4. From Fusion Apps 11.1.7, IDM Provisioning has introduced, so run IDM Provisioning Wizard.

cd /fa/installers/idmlcm/idmlcm/Disk1
./runInstaller -jreLoc REPOS_HOME/jdk6

I did chose those the patch as /u01/idmprov/ to install provisioning file system.

5. Create Provisioning Profile

Set JAVA_HOME AS /fa/jdk6

cd /u01/idmprov/Oracle_IDMLCM1/provisioning/bin/

1. On Welcome Screen click “Next”
2. On Product List Screen, Chose all products.
3. On Install Location Configuration Screen, Chose Software Repository Location as /fa and Software Installation Location as /u01/fmw and Local Configuration Location as /u01/fmw/Middlware
4. On Node Toplogy Configuration Screen, chose Single Host and type your hostname.
5. Common Password, give it as Oracle123
6. On OID Configuration Screen, give Realm DN as dc=appsdbatraining,dc=com
7. On ODSM Configuration Screen, provide port no as 7005.
8. On OHS Configuration Screen, Provide Port no as 7777 and SSL Port as 4443
9. On OIM Configuration Screen, provide Port no as 14000.
10. On OAM Configuration Screen, provide OAM Port no as 14100, OAM Transfer Mode as Simple, and Cookie Domain as .appsdbatraining.com.
11. On SOA Configuration Screen, provide Port no as 8001.
12. On OID Identity Store DB Config screen, chose Database Service name that we installed in earlier steps and provide password.

Some Screens information I didn’t provide as they are self explanatory. Once it is completed, it will create provisioning.rsp file.

6. Provisioning Identity Management

Run Provisioning Wizard of FA first.

cd /fa/installers/faprov/Disk1

Chose Provisioning location as /fa/faprov

export JAVA_HOME to /fa/jdk6
export ANT_HOME to /fa/faprov/provisioning/ant

(If you doesn’t export ant_home from FA provisioning home, your identity management provisioning will fail in prerequisite check).

cd /u01/idmprov/Oracle_IDMLCM1/provisioning/bin/

Chose the provisioning.rsp file that was created as part of Create Provisioning Profile stage, then just click next, it will take you to Prerequisites Check, Install, PreConfigure, Configure, PostConfigure, Startup, Validation stages.

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