Fusion Apps 11.1.8 is coming soon

Oracle Fusion Application Release is coming soon.

In Release 8, there are 11 new products, including:

  • a CRM product –
    • Voice for Oracle Cloud Applications
  • four HCM products –
    • Absence Management
    • Time and Labor
    • Workforce Management
    • Workforce Modeling
  • and six SCM products –
    • Product Hub Portal
    • Product Concept Design
    • Product Lifecycle Portfolio Management
    • Product Requirements and Ideation Management
    • Enterprise Visualization
    • Visual Information Navigator

Release 8 also consists of 1152 new features, as listed below:

  • AppsTech    –  13 new features
  • CRM         – 253 new features
  • Financials  –  32 new features
  • HCM         – 606 new features
  • Procurement –  25 new features
  • Projects    –  85 new features
  • SCM         – 138 new features

Skyros is the official name for the new skin coming out in Fusion Applications Release It is a new skin with an updated and modern appearance. Visually the skin is flat, clean, and crisp, and incorporates current UI visual design trends. While the look and feel have changed, the size of the components in the Skyros skin have not changed, which allows existing applications with Fusion skins to apply the Skyros skin without requiring layout updates

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