How to create the .bat file for easy access the Linux, Red hat & Unix machines without entering the Password through Putty

Hi DBA’s I will show you how to create the .bat file to access the Database and Apps with out enter the Password through Putty. Please follow the below steps.

—— > open a new notepad file.
—— > start putty <ip> –l <username> -pw <password>
—— > save as in .bat format file

Just double click on that saved .bat file it will Directly connect to respected server.


—— > start putty -l fusionappsdba -pw fusionappsdba@123

Note: we need to copy the putty software where we need to create .bat files (env files).

I hope this is very useful for all.

Nagulu Polagani

"We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master."

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