Nov 30, 2015

Configuring VNC Server on OEL 6.5

Configuring VNC Server on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.5 Login as root yum install vnc                      -> installs tigervnc RPM yum install vnc-server         -> installs tigervnc-server-module RPM yum install tigervnc-server -> RPM that installs the vncserver utility
Nov 18, 2015

Oracle Database Free Trial in Oracle Cloud

Oracle is offering Database services in Cloud.  Oracle Cloud provides several Oracle Database offerings. We can choose between a single schema based service, or a virtual machine with a fully configured running Oracle Database Instance, or Exadata Service with all the database features, options, and workloads. You can even try a...
Nov 05, 2015

Oracle Apps 12.2.3 Installation

Installation: First we need to Install Oracle Enterprise Linux using the following url: Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.7 Installation Next we need to download Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 Media Pack for Linux x86-64-bit software from                
Nov 05, 2015

Error creating ASComponent EMAGENT

Issue: Facing error (Error creating ASComponent EMAGENT) at preconfigure stage of IDM installation as part of Fusion Applications 11.1.8 Installation. Cause: This issue can occur in a virtualization environment where the Timezone of the native operating system differs from the Timezone of the virtual operating system. Solution: Change the timezone...