Oracle E-Business Suite Database Failover Procedure

Oracle Applications Database Failover Procedure

Failover Procedure is based on below architecture:

  1. Multi-Node E-Business Suite 12.1.3 is configured and running on Oracle RAC 11gR2 (Primary), which has Oracle RAC 11gR2 Standby (Secondary).
  2. Multi-Node E-Business Suite has standby site as well (It can be Active-Active or Active-Passive).


  • We are testing Database failover (from Primary to Secondary) based on above architecture.


  1. Shutdown Multi-Node E-Business Suite applications Nodes.
  2. Perform DB failover to Standby
  3. Make sure Standby Database nodes context files has proper DB port numbers by comparing primary site
  4. Make sure Standby Database nodes context files has proper value under service name “dbService”
  5. Clean fnd_nodes table, so that primary node entries will be erased.
  6. Run Autoconfig on both the db nodes (New Primary); 2 times, and make sure it is successful and is not effecting any listener services.
  7. Login to each Application node and change the db hostnames to point to New DB hosts (New Primary)
  8. Run Autoconfig; two times, on all application nodes, make sure tnsnames.ora and context_file has proper db host values and service names.
  9. Start all application nodes and make sure each concurrent manager has their host details added if you have PCP enabled.

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