How to become an Oracle Apps DBA

How to become an Oracle Apps DBA ??

To become a successful Oracle Applications DBA, one should have knowledge on both the database technologies as well as application technologies.  Database technologies (such as Oracle RAC, Oracle ASM and Oracle DataGuard) and application technologies (such as Apache, 10g AS, Weblogic and OHS) as E-Business Suite has transformed from Apache to 10g AS and then to Weblogic in R12.2.  If you know how load balancers work such as F5 or Oracle Traffic Direcotor, it will be an added advantage in desigining high available architectures of E-Business Suite with failover capabilities.


Pre-Requisites to learn E-Business Suite

Before learning Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2, one should be good in Linux administration, database administration (Oracle DBA) and Oracle Weblogic Administration as Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 uses Weblogic as its Web Server and Application Server.  Some companies may differentiate the roles between Oracle DBA, Oracle Apps DBA, and Weblogic Administration; but if you want to be a successful Oracle Apps DBA, you should be good at Applications, Database and Weblogic.

E-Business Suite Versions
12.2.6 -> Latest

Before learning 12.2.x, one should know the differences of above versions as some of the clients may still be on older versions.


Component Description

Apache                             -> Oracle E-Business Suite 11i uses Apache as a Web Server
10g AS                              -> Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.x uses 10g AS as a Web Server
Weblogic 11g                   -> Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.x uses Weblogic 11g as a Web Server
OHS                                  -> OHS is to load balance Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.x Weblogic components
Database                          -> Oracle E-Business Suite data stores in Oracle Database
Oracle RAC                     -> It can be used to for high availability and to load balancing Oracle Database.
Oracle ASM                    -> Oracle RAC uses Oracle ASM to manage Oracle Database Files and it also provides data replication capabilities.
Oracle Dataguard          -> It can be used as standby to Oracle Database or Oracle RAC
F5 or Traffic Director   ->  These can be used to route requests to standby sites if primary site fails.



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