Differences between Oracle Apps R12.1.x and R12.2.x

New features of Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.x:

Architectural Changes:

  • 12.1.x has 10gAS as Webserver, but R12.2.x has Weblogic as Websever, which provides application server and clustering capabilities.

Installation Changes:

  • In R12.2.x, we have flexibility to chose either 11g or 12c database while installing.
  • In R12.2.x, we have option to install E-Business Suite on Oracl RAC & ASM.
  • To install R12.2.x, first we need to install R12.2.0 then upgrade it to respective R12.2.x version.  We don’t have option to directly install 12.2.6.

File System Changes:

  • R12.2.x has dual file system (RUN/PATCH) to reduce the patching downtime.
  • A new “EBSenv.env” is introduced to select RUN/PATCH file system.
  • To centrally maintain patches and Concurrent log/out files (mainly in multi-node architecture), new fs_ne top is introduced, which contains $PATCH_TOP and $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG and $APPLCSF/$APPLOUT (it should be a shared mount if it is multi-node environment)

Patching Changes:

  • In R12.2.x, patches should be extracted in $PATCH_TOP itself.
  • In R12.2.x, patching can only be done using “adop.”  Please check adop options HERE.

Cloning Changes:

  • Instead of running adpreclone and adcfgclone one time in R12.1, we need to do it two times in R12.2.x to configure RUN and PATCH file system. Check cloning procedure HERE.

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