Parallel Concurrent Processing (PCP) Implementation in Oracle Apps R12.x.x

Implementing Parallel Concurrent Processing (PCP) in Oracle Apps R12.x.x:

Assuming we have database on one node (A) and applications on another node (B).  As we want to setup PCP, we need to create another application node (C).  Assuming we have shared application tier file system, we just need to mount the shared file system to new node (C).

  1.  Run in new node (C) and only configure Concurrent and Admin.
  2. Change the parameter APPLDCP to ON in Context File of both nodes (B and C).
  3. Change the parameter “s_ isConc” to YES and “s_ isConcDev” to YES on node (C)
  4. Run autoconfig on Nodes (B and C).
  5. Define failover mechanism to ICM by changing primary nodes and secondary nodes (B ICM Secondary node as C) (C ICM secondary node as B).
  6. Define Internal Monitor failover mechanism for both nodes (B and C) by following step 5.
  7. Define Standard Workshift for Internal Monitors on both the nodes (B and C).
  8. Set primary and secondary nodes to all of the Concurrent Managers (for some node B as primary and for some node C as primary)
  9. Start services.

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