Install Ansible on AWS Red Hat Enterprise Linux

1.  Ansible will not be installed as part of RedHat repositories. An extra package needs to be downloaded and installed, go to and download the version (epel-release) specific to you and install using “rpm -ivh filename” or else directly through yum, in my case I am using Redhat 7.5

yum install

2.  After you install the above RPM, update the yum repository

sudo yum update

3.  Above steps are just to prepare Redhat to install Ansible, install Ansible now:

yum install -y python python-dev python-pip

pip install –upgrade pip

pip install boto

yum install ansible

4.  Test the installation by pinging localhost

ansible localhost -m ping

Response should be

localhost | SUCCESS => {
“changed”: false,
“ping”: “pong”

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