Nov 15, 2016

Oracle Apps R12.2.x File System

Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.x File System:  Below are the list of changes in Oracle Apps R12.2.x file system Oracle Apps R12.2.x has dual file system, which helps organisations to have less downtime during patching.  By introducing duplicate file system, Oracle has reduced patching downtime and improved availability of the system....
Nov 14, 2016

What is Oracle Apps DBA

What is Oracle Apps DBA ?? Oracle Apps DBA is responsible in administering both Oracle Database and Oracle Applications (Middle Tier).  He/She will be responsible in taking up regular issues (BAU Activities), installation, upgrade, patching, cloning and regular code migration activities. Apps DBAs must be strong in Linux, Database and Application...
Nov 01, 2016

How to Add managed oacore in Oracle Apps R12.2.x

To increase the Weblogic performance, we might need to add up more JVMs by doubling managed servers.  Please follow below steps to add extra oacore managed server to Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.x.  You can follow same procedure to add extra oafm, forms, forms-c4ws servers. Steps to Follow on Run Edition Source...
Nov 01, 2016

Differences between Oracle Apps R12.1.x and R12.2.x

New features of Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.x: Architectural Changes: 12.1.x has 10gAS as Webserver, but R12.2.x has Weblogic as Websever, which provides application server and clustering capabilities. Installation Changes: In R12.2.x, we have flexibility to chose either 11g or 12c database while installing. In R12.2.x, we have option to install...
Oct 10, 2016

How to become an Oracle Apps DBA

How to become an Oracle Apps DBA ?? To become a successful Oracle Applications DBA, one should have knowledge on both the database technologies as well as application technologies.  Database technologies (such as Oracle RAC, Oracle ASM and Oracle DataGuard) and application technologies (such as Apache, 10g AS, Weblogic and...
Jul 15, 2016

Oracle E-Business Suite Database Failover Procedure

Oracle Applications Database Failover Procedure Failover Procedure is based on below architecture: Multi-Node E-Business Suite 12.1.3 is configured and running on Oracle RAC 11gR2 (Primary), which has Oracle RAC 11gR2 Standby (Secondary). Multi-Node E-Business Suite has standby site as well (It can be Active-Active or Active-Passive). Scenario: We are testing Database...
Jul 26, 2013
Active users from fnd_user in Ebiz R12 and 11i

Active users from fnd_user in Ebiz R12 and 11i

You can find active users from fnd_user who has end_date greater than today’s date by issuing below query:   SELECT USER_NAME, EMAIL_ADDRESS, END_DATE FROM apps.fnd_user WHERE trunc(SYSDATE) BETWEEN trunc(start_date) AND * nvl(end_date,trunc(SYSDATE));
Mar 25, 2013
Oracle Apps DBA R12 Interview Questions

Oracle Apps DBA R12 Interview Questions

Oracle Apps DBA R12 Interview Questions Question.  What do we have in FND_NODES? Answer:  FND_NODES table contains information about node_names and services enabled on a node.  In multinode instance if you want to know which node is running what services, You can query the fnd_nodes and get that information. Question. ...
Mar 17, 2011
Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions – VI

Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions – VI

Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions – VI // Q: Why we need to put maintenance mode when we are applying a patch ? A: Maintenance mode provides a clear separation between normal runtime operation of Oracle Applications and system downtime for maintenance. Enabling the maintenance mode feature shuts down the...
Mar 17, 2011

Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions – V

Question:  What is the pre-req for applying a rdbms patch? Answer :  OraInventory should be set in file oraInst.loc @/var/opt/oracle or /etc Question:  What is OraInventroy? Answer :  The oraInventory is the location for the OUI (Oracle Universal Installer)’s bookkeeping. The orainventory stores information about: All Oracle software products installed in all...