Jul 04, 2013

Oracle RAC 12c Installation on Oracle Virtual Box

Step-by-step Installation of Oracle RAC 12c on Oracle Virtual Box Download Virtual Box Download Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.7 64-bit Download Oracle 12cR1 64-bit Database Software Installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.7 by clicking on the link Linux Post Installation Steps: 1) To be consistent with the rest of the article, the following information should be set during the installation process. #vi /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost # Public rac1.oracle.com rac1
Jan 10, 2013
Oracle ASM SQL scripts

Oracle ASM SQL scripts

Oracle ASM SQL scripts The following scripts are outlined to assist the use in managing ASM files; i.e., listing or deleting. Note:  Oracle recommends using 10g EM Grid Control or Database Control for performing these functions. 1. This SQL statement generates a script to list the ASM files for a given...