This site is entirely dedicated to newbies who are really working hard to learn Oracle Apps DBA. I used to post frequently in this site whatever info I get from my own experience or on my search. My main moto is to keep all info in one place, so that it will be very much helpful for newbies who wants to learn Oracle Apps DBA. I used to search lot of sites for info when I was a newbee for each topic, so I thought of putting all info in one place, finally I started doing it…..

Newbies used to ask me lot of questions about Oracle Apps DBA.

What kind of job it is ?

What we will do in the environment ?

What are roles and responsibilites of Oracle Apps DBA ? like these things…………..

After facing lot of questions like this, I thought of putting up the process for all who wants to know about the process of Oracle Apps DBA.

The process of work for an Oracle Apps DBA will be like this:

Customer or Application Team will raise a request through thicketing tool and they will assign that ticket to DBA Team.

Once that ticket come to DBA pool, DBAs should take care of that ticket who are in the shift.

The ticket can be service request, patching request, cloning request, migration request, user addition/deletion request etc…..

Once DBA received that ticket through ticketing tool, he should take ownership of it and should update the ticket with Work in Progress status. After working on it, he should update the output and status as Completed. This is kind of process will go in Oracle Apps DBA environment.

Q: How will be the Oracle Apps DBA Training in Bangalore/Hyderabad?

A: Training of an Oracle Apps DBA will include Basic Unix, Basic SQL knowledge, Oracle DBA Training, then Oracle Apps DBA

training. Basic Unix and Basic SQL will need one week time, Oracle DBA training will need one month, and Oracle Apps DBA training

will need another month time, so total it would be 2.5 months training.

Please go through my training site for more details regarding training:  http://www.fusionappsdba.com

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