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Introducing Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform

  • Describe Oracle Fusion Middleware components
  • Describe the relationship of WebLogic Server to Fusion Middleware components

Installing Oracle WebLogic Server 11g

  • Install WebLogic Server using the graphical installer

Configuring a Simple Domain

  • Describe elements in a WebLogic Server domain
  • Define a WebLogic Server Domain
  • Compare administration and managed servers
  • Create a simple SOA domain using the Configuration Wizard
  • Describe the organization and contents of a WebLogic Server domain directory
  • Start and stop WebLogic Server using scripts

Configuring a SOA Domain Using Templates

  • Create a SOA domain template with the Domain Template Builder
  • Extend a SOA domain with the Configuration Wizard
  • Describe other products that have WLS domain templates

Using Administration Console

  • Access the WebLogic Server administration console
  • Describe the parts of the administration console
  • Describe the parts of the help system
  • Access admin console preferences
  • Make a change to the configuration (lock & edit, make change, view changes and restarts (optional), activate changes)

Configuring Managed Servers

  • Configure managed servers using the Administrative Console
  • Start managed servers
  • Shut down servers using ¬†Administrative Console
  • Create and use a file

Configuring Node Managers

  • Configure a machine and assign servers to it
  • Describe the capabilities of node manager
  • Configure, start, and stop a Java-based Node Manager

Viewing and Managing Logs in Weblogic Environment

  • Configure server logs in the admin console
  • Interpret a server log file entry
  • Configure server standard output in the admin console
  • Access logs via the admin console

Understanding JDBC and Configuring Data Sources

  • Configure a JDBC data source
  • Configure a connection pool
  • Describe how data sources are used
  • View the server JNDI tree via the admin console
  • Control a data source (suspend / resume)
  • Monitor a data source via the admin console

Backup and Recovery Operations

  • Describe backup and recovery strategies
  • Perform a full offline backup
  • Perform an offline domain recovery
  • Perform an Instance Home backup
  • Setup automatic backup of WLS configuration
  • Start the admin server on a backup computer

General Troubleshooting

  • Account lock Issues
  • Performance issues

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Duration: 2 weeks

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